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UK English School was established in 2016, it welcomes students of all ages, teens, young adults, and adults who are looking to transcend their professional and educational pursuits beyond standards. We provide a diverse selection of courses, English Language Skills, A Levels, and GCSE and directive training. We have moved from UK to Al Khobar Saudi Arabia and will be teaching at British International School.

As a student seeking to excel at your desired field or a professional looking to amplify their skills or learn new ones, looking to kick-start a new direction or industry or looking to be an independent vendor servicing their skills. UK English School is available to support you in your pursuit and provide the needed knowledge in education and skills.

UK English  School will have the facilities of great teachers and tailored courses with structured learning. We guarantee state-of-the-art facilities. We have trained and mastered students in English, to travel to UK and pursue their desired education in the UK Universities. We helped them in progressing to higher education and prepared them for their professional career.

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