English Conversation

Level 1 & 2

English Language

Levels 1 - 2

Course Description

English Conversation is the first of two conversation courses designed to develop cognitive skills and awareness in conversational English. The course focuses on how communication works. It encourages participants to interact through variable topics involving different activities such; reading, listening and speaking. While concentrating broadly on listening and speaking, it targets many sub – skills reaching conversational competences. Participants will demonstrate the vocational language in an environment enabling them to develop fluency in every day concepts.


 Level 1

English Conversation 1 is a course developed to enhance communication and response skills. It expands the comprehension of the student on conversational English.

This course is centered on interaction and know-how of English conversation in various scenarios. It encourages students to engage in conversation and communication through reading, listening and peaking skills as they attempt to focus on speaking. Students will demonstrate vocational language conversations developed to build their coherence and comprehension of everyday environments and equip them with fluency in the language.

Course Objectives

  • Allow participants to initiate English language conversations that may not be predictable.
  • Allow participants to interact while utilizing communication strategies.
  • Learn how to engage and interact naturally with the use of the language.
  • Learn how to connect language context to conversations.
  • Allow participants to acquire communication skills.
  • Learn comprehensive use of the language.
  • Learn about possible errors in speech and improve them.
  • Enable students to express effective choice of vocabulary and parts of speech.


  • Aspirations and ambitions
  • Past-time activities
  • Crime
  • Discuss stories while incorporating reading and speaking
  • Expressions of agreement/disagreement, opinions and reasoning.
  • Speaking on your favorite movies while incorporating listening and speaking skills
  • Discussing abstract nouns, and forming and processing questions
  • Comprehending contextual meanings
  • Tongue twisters
  • Enabling social activities _ practicing brain storming and processing information
  • Idioms and collocations
  • Presentation


Level 2

English Conversation 2 is the finalization of the two levels of English courses built to handle the usage of conversational English for advanced learners.

This coursed directs attention to the usage of the language further from the fluency and command. It enhances the accuracy of speech added to the formerly speaking capability acquired through the level 1 program.

Teaching advance functional grammar, language settings, and processing the language quicker and without translation is what this courses focuses on. It also amplifies the ability to communicate like a native speaker through speech stresses, intonations, and flexibility

Course Objectives

  • Allowing participants to engage in a conversation by comprehension and responding via body language, imitation and story-telling.
  • Allow participants to re-frame their speech with reflection, rate of speech, nuances of language, and vocabulary
  • Allow participants to communicate openly without time restraints on personal topics as well as general topics.
  • Allow learners to build progressive speaking strategies and equip them with the capability to scan and skim a text In addition to listening for gist
  • Ability for participants’ to express thoughts and ideas using idioms, collocation, and phrasal verbs.
  • Ability for participants to demonstrate effective use of sentence types; simple, compound, and complex.
  • Allow participants to practice the use of if clauses, adjective clauses, and reduced sentences.


  • Fluency in news with skills of reading listening and watching
  • Diversity of ethnicities and cultures
  • Tutelage
  • Climate
  • Topic for open circle discussions
  • Individuality and culture
  • Preface to business English
  • Collocations and idioms
  • Creating a story and discussing playing characters, plots, and morals
  • Predictive analysis and critical thinking skills
  • Exploring and practicing various conversation techniques and types – feminine and masculine
  • Presentation about a topic of a choice
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