IELTS Preparation

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English Language

Levels 1 - 4

Course Description

Our IELTS Preparation courses are built to help you improve in each of the four skills, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Even if you believe you are proficient in English, we still recommend that you prepare thoroughly for your test with our helpful IELTS Preparation courses.

Listening Skill

The listening component is built to represent some real world listening situations. It begins by introducing listening from basics into advanced to correspond the exam criteria. It assists examinees step by step into listening for guests, directions, and lectures.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to listen cautiously to a description and comprehend it completely.
  • Learn to listen to comprehend a diagram and adhere to guidelines or data of a map, and what something is made of.
  • Learn to recognize the purposes of the speaker from stresses and intonations and investigating beyond surface context.
  • Learn to observe and be able to distinguish between the signpost in order to indicate the stages presented by a lecturer or a public figure.


  • Module 1: Over all, and listening to a conversation between two people
  • Module 2: Listening for directions
  • Module 3: Listening to a discussion between three and more people
  • Module 4: Listening to a lesson

Speaking Skills

IELTS speaking aims at developing students’ ability to speak more fluently in line with IELTS standards.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to cope with various types of queries regarding personal life handling topics such as interests, study or work, family, housing, etc
  • Learn to interpret the given and be prepared send any useful notes in a given minute.
  • Learn to grasp, interpret and thoroughly respond to the direct query by endorsing their responses irrespective of the issue that describes or addresses topics.


  • Module 1: Speaking about personal information.
  • Module 2: Speaking about a subject
  • Module 3: Speaking long about a query

Writing Skills

The writing skills guide students step by step into the types of writing. Builds sentence structure, coherence and cohesion, using connectors and linkers. It also introduces the form of essays needed by IELTS.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to understand and explain the graphic information and how relevant it is.
  • Enable learners to evaluate the problem in order to learn what to write about
  • Assist participants to use the four types of sentences; simple, compound, and complex compound and how to use transition words to create a coherent and cohesive passage.
  • Help general IELTS takers to compose formal, semi-formal, and informal letters.


  • Module 1: Analyzing graphs; charts and tables and using comparisons. Explaining patterns further to objects.
  • Module 2: Comprehending the various types of essays and how to approach each one and how to turn ideas into arguments.
  • Module 3: Understanding various types of sentences and connecting words
  • Module 4 : General IELTS writing letters

Reading Skills

The reading skill develops students’ ability to concentrate on the information that is important to them with the use of sub-skills such as skimming and scanning.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to get a general view about the text. In addition to being able to learn quicker and easily find words and phrases.
  • Learn how to deal with discursive and argumentative texts that contain at least one key point.
  • Learn how to deal with variety of formats and texts with around 750 words.


  • Module 1: Pre-reading and obtaining general idea of the text
  • Module 2: Understand the intent of the text and follow the supporting information. The general structure of the passage and how to concentrate on the evidence
  • Module 3: Understanding various points and views and be oriented of the writer's view
  • Module 4: General IELTS Finding factual information presented in ads and shorter passages.
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