English for Business

Preliminary - Level 4

English Language

Levels 1 - 5

Course Description

This is built for students who desire to advance their English language skills for business use – this test is offered to students from a wide variety of backgrounds at five levels. The assessment includes a mandatory reading and writing exam along with non-compulsory speaking and listening exams for all levels.

Preliminary CEF A1-A2

Students who are able to interact using basic Business English.

Course Objectives

  • Data, facts and instructions
  • Place of work descriptions
  • Jobs and roles in a work context


  • Basic office or place of work descriptions
  • Basic jobs and roles in a work context
  • Earning a living
  • Production and sale of goods
  • Work information
  • Business transactions

Level 1 CEF A2-B1

Students who can interact on functional level using Business English

Course Objectives

  • Business letters or memos
  • Reading comprehension
  • Business information processing


  • Composing a simple business letter or memo
  • Basic business reading comprehension
  • Earning a living
  • Production and sale of goods
  • Personal information
  • Travel information

Level 2 CEF B1-B2

Students who are able to interact efficiently using Business English with minimal assistance

Course Objectives

  • Writing using standard business formats
  • Conversations about business related topics
  • Understanding leaflets, reports, articles and company notices


  • Business letters
  • Company leaflets
  • Money
  • Transport
  • Instructions
  • Arrangements

Level 3 CEF B2-C1

Students who are able to communicate proficiently using Business English

Course Objectives

  • Producing a range of documents in various business formats
  • Participating in conversations and discussions
  • Making a business presentation
  • Drafting an internal company report
  • Converting and reformulating text and data


  • Business-related text comprehension
  • Business-related text and data conversion and reformulation
  • Education
  • Travel and tourism
  • Travel information
  • Work information

Level 4 CEF C1-C2

Students who have achieved a strong level of English effective use with minimal errors

Course Objectives

  • Writing in a range of styles within a variety of business contexts
  • Describing complex situations and presenting on a range of topics
  • Understanding authentic texts
  • Producing related business writing
  • Reformulating texts into various formats – specifically text to digital/graphical/ numerical formats


  • Reading and comprehending an authentic text and producing a piece of business writing related to this text.
  • Writing business texts from given information.
  • Reformulating and reformatting texts from one text type to another – specifically text to précis and digital/graphical/numerical information to text.
  • Extending and producing completed texts in a range of contrasting genres.
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