English for Teens

A1 - C1

English Language

Levels 1 - 8

Course Description

Exam-focused content is skillfully built into a motivating lesson flow. Teenagers can gradually build the language, exam skills and confidence they need to succeed in the Cambridge exams, and in their future


This covers all required skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing while encouraging the students to us inferential and critical thinking skills.

Course Objectives

  • Measured training of grammar
  • Integrated skills throughout
  • Step by step learning procedure


  • Animals
  • Habitats
  • Pets and their environment


This level brings awareness to students’ use of their deices and engages with them in conversational topics regarding their phones. The conversation will cover all 4 skills for students to effectively communicate their habits and uses of their devices

Course Objectives

  • Further penetration into grammar skills
  • Further grasp sentence structure and vocabulary
  • Taught with integrated skills throughout


  • Communication throguh devices
  • Engagement with devices
  • awareness


This level brings attention to appearances and the notion of how students’ carry themselves, it engages in conversation and preferences and discussions of what they consider negative and positive. Students will be able to identify conversations towards themselves and how they carry themselves in society. It also touches on nuances of perception and will assist in inferential skills.

Course Objectives

  • Gain the language skills required to cope with problems in the real world.
  • Build the English language abilities of the learners, teach them and enable them to learn, compose and speak entirely
  • Provide participants with confidence in their capabilities to speak, listen, read and write English


  • Appearance
  • How to converse


This level continues the topic of self and encourages students to piece their identity. Students are asked to engage in interactive activities to present themselves to others, they are prompted to converse with other about themselves, their choices, like and dislikes. It teaches them new vocabulary terms and polishes their grammar, while teaching them team work.

Course Objectives

  • Assist participants in the growth and improvement of their reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar abilities utilizing an integrated skills approach
  • Learn how to deal with issues and present them in a structured and respectful way.
  • Master and speak English confidently, allowing leaner to develop their Resume and increase their chances of potential career performance.


  • Engaging in interactive activities
  • Presentation


Students receive study of how to create happiness rather than just relying on circumstances, they learn from real life stories of successful people such as athletes. Students are also taught to learn independently and practice their taught lessons.

Course Objectives

  • Allow learners to familiarize themselves with the supportive environment of the class.
  • Build the English language skills of the participants, teach them and enable them to read, write and speak entirely.
  • Provide learners with confidence in their abilities to speak, listen, read, and write English.


  • How to be independent
  • Real life stories to motivate


This level focuses on bringing attention to student on word stress and how to decipher the message in conversations and speaking. They also learn different parts of speech and skills used in speech such as persuasion. Students polish their speaking with their previous lessons and learn how to be more personal and fluent in communications.

Course Objectives

  • Create personality frames and individuality of participants by depending on self-study and self-correction.
  • Learn how to deal with and present challenges in a structured and a civil manner.


  • Speaking ethics
  • Persuading skills
  • Personal conversations


Students are taught to infer the meaning of statement s and media and culture. Their perception skills are raised while discussing the various topics surrounding culture and self. Students learn more parts of speech and sentence structure to increase their fluency in English.

Course Objectives

  • Develop the real language expertise needed to manage with real life situations.
  • Develop learners’ English language aptitudes, train them, and encourage them to completely peruse, compose and talk.
  • Provide learners with the confidence in their capacity to speak, listen, read, and compose English.


  • Culture around you
  • Describe your culture


Students learn intangible values and how they can be places and perceived in one’s lives. They continue learning about how to harness their true selves while allowing difference of opinions and how to live together in a community. Student amplify their 4 English skills and learn more about grammatical structures.

Course Objectives

  • Assist learners to develop and improve their reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar abilities using an incorporated skills methodology.
  • Learn how to manage issues and present them in a composed and amenable way.


  • Self-growth
  • Adapt in your community
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